Projects: emergency communications 

New service innovations

A leading logistics company based out of Dubai and Ankara identified that the demand for private chartered flights increased dramatically. Working closely with their sales teams, CovComms developed appropriate marketing communications which are now being sent out to their clients.

New technology releases

A technology company from Singapore and India launched new updates on their unit management platform for COVID-19. This created an opportunity to offer new features to existing clients and an occasion to reach new clients with a lite version of the unit management platform. Working closely with the development team, CovComms launched the new features through a combination of email marketing, microsite and explainer videos.

Crisis management control tower

For COVID-19, a food supply chain company established its crisis management control tower and required our assistance to communicate this initiative internally to employees and externally to all stakeholders. From content structuring to selection of messaging tools and final design and rollout, the task was accomplished literally over 48 hours.

Creating a live knowledge base

A US-headquartered global leader in investment management faced extraordinary challenges. The value of its assets under management dropped drastically. By building and activating a live knowledge base internationally, we ensured that messaging to media and the public was always available, consistent and proactive. This global model for public relations and crisis management was a first for this client and is implemented across its offices around the world.

The First Crisis & Emergency Conference, National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority, UAE

NCEMA operates under the supervision of the Supreme Council for National Security, with the aim to achieve the UAE’s policy regarding the necessary procedures for emergency, crises and disasters management. At its inaugural international conference, we were responsible for developing the content, program design and design for all communication and brand elements.

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