Whether you are government, an institution or a corporation, we at CovComms are committed to mitigate risks that come with unprecedented crises. 

CovComms is led by Ramesh Menon, a seasoned communications strategy, design and marketing professional based out of Dubai. Ramesh graduated from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India and further trained in health communications at the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs, Baltimore, USA.


Ramesh began his career working on HIV/AIDS as the pandemic surfaced in India in the early ‘90s and was instrumental in building communication assets for national NGOs and local governments. He went on to work for the Government of India, USAID and CARE International on communication and funding projects across the subcontinent. He is currently the CEO and Creative Director of brandform, a branding and design agency established 2007 in Dubai.


CovComms is co-managed by a select group of communications and public relations consultants (with unique experience in crises management), content developers, web designers and digital marketing specialists.


Together, the CovComms team works closely with clients and build solutions that complete the cycle of communications. Everything that we do and deliver is kept 100% confidential and at this time, business is conducted online.

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